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Class of 2024 Nomination Schedule

Jan 10, 2024

Nominations open

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Feb 21, 2024

Nominations close

Feb 22, 2024

Board meets to finalize nominations

Feb 28, 2024 (or before)

Letters sent to those nominated to congratulate and seek bio and additional information

Mar 15, 2024 (or before)

Bio & achievements collected from nominees ends

Apr 17-May 1, 2024

Voting ballots sent for the Class of 2024 Texas Golf Hall of Fame

May 14, 2024

Press release announcing Class of 2024

Biennially the Texas Golf Hall of Fame recognizes up to six membership categories. They are Amateur Player, Professional Player, Golf Professional/Teacher, Lifetime Achievement, Professional Service, and Texas Registry of Historic Golf Courses.

To become a member of the Texas Golf Hall of Fame in the Amateur Player, the Professional Player, the Golf Professional/Teacher, Lifetime Achievement, or Professional Service category:

  1. Candidate must have been a resident in the State of Texas for at least 10 years of their golf-related career and accomplishments for which they are nominated.
  2. Candidate must be at least 40 years of age in the induction year or deceased.

The six permanent member associations of the Texas Golf Hall of Fame Board of Directors shall have the right to nominate up to one nominee per category, per induction cycle that will be included on the final ballot, so long as the nominee meets the category requirements.

Nominations are also made by the public via the Texas Golf Hall of Fame website. Following the nomination deadline, the list of nominees will be screened by the induction nominating committee to be sure they meet the eligibility requirements of the specific category for which they were nominated. There shall be no more than eight total nominees per category per induction year. Not all public nominations are guaranteed a place on the official ballot.

Following the screening, those eligible will be contacted by the Texas Golf Hall of Fame and asked to complete the appropriate category application. Individuals or Golf Courses receiving a nomination will be provided an application requesting information and accomplishments for the category for which they are nominated. A nominee who does not provide this information may not be given consideration. Should someone be nominated who is deceased, the person nominating the potential inductee will be required to complete the application. Only one Letter of Recommendation may be submitted for each nominee. Please do not send books or videos to support the Texas Registry of Historic Courses – a link to a website or video may be added to the application.

The Texas Golf Hall of Fame will then send the applications for each category to the Texas Golf Writers as invited by the Board, the current living Texas Golf Hall of Fame members, and the Board of Directors to vote.

Note: In extreme circumstances, in which two candidates or courses gain a high degree of support which is far and above the other candidates or courses, the board may elect a second member from such category. Such a vote by the board would require two-thirds approval.

Nomination Categories

Below are the categories eligible for nominations this year. Click each category title to view it‘s nomination criteria:

Amateur Player
Professional Player
Golf Professional / Teacher
Lifetime Achievement
Professional Service
Texas Registry of Historic Golf Courses
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