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The history of Dallas Country Club begins with a few friends playing the game in a field near the corner of Oak Lawn and Lemmon Avenues in 1895.

Two early participants – Richard E. Potter and Courtenay Wellesley were ex-patriot employees of a British company called Texas Land & Mortgage. Another was Henry L. Edwards, a transplanted Welsh cotton broker, who loved golf and competition almost as much as he loved Dallas. Mr. Edwards is a Pioneer member of the Texas Golf Hall of Fame and is widely considered to be one of the founders of organized golf in Texas. The club was officially founded in 1896, which makes it the oldest golf course in our Registry.

Little by little, the group grew as interested bystanders became enthusiastic players and the member-hosts opened their course to visitors for several tournaments, including a state event in 1903 and the Texas Golf Association State Championship in 1906.

By 1908, Dallas had doubled its population. Hints of a marvelous new suburb north of downtown circulated among the town folk and the Club members felt that a move to Highland Park was in order. By 1909, Dallas Country Club was comfortable at its new location and by 1912, an 18-hole golf course had been laid out by recognized architect Tom Bendelow.

The course hosted a visit from British stars Harry Vardon and Ted Ray in 1913, the Southern Amateur Championship in 1916, an exhibition by Bobby Jones and Perry Adair in 1918, the Western Amateur Championship in 1950, the Women’s Texas Golf Association in 1920 and 1934 and the first Texas Golf Association championship in 1906, followed by title tilts in 1912, 1915, 1921, 1949, 1956 and 2006. The game’s professionals have also visited DCC, during the Victory Open in 1943 and the Salesmanship Club sponsored Dallas Open in 1945.

In 1948, the Club had a major course renovation done by Ralph Plummer. Architect John Fought did a subsequent renovation of the course that opened for play in May 2011 and a new clubhouse was opened in February 2012.

Among the well-known Texas golfers that have cut their competitive teeth at DCC over the years are fellow 2014 Inductee Charles Dexter, George N. Aldredge, L. R., Collett, Jack Munger, Hugh Halsell, and Texas Golf Hall of Famers Gus Moreland, David “Spec” Goldman, and 2012 Inductee, Don Addington. Among the female contingent are Curtis Cup Team member Nancy Hager Hale and WTGA runner-up Lyda Hill.

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